Erik E.
Seattle Divorce Services made me comfortable by giving me a clear understanding of the process I was going to enter. Knowing the steps made for a better experience. Mark was personable and gave very fast responses to my questions and opposing council.
Jamie K.
Although divorce is downright awful for pretty much everyone involved, I am grateful for Seattle Divorce Services. My attorney, his paralegal, and even the receptionist were all so kind and attentive during some truly difficult times in my life. I am especially appreciative of the professionalism and calm demeanor that my attorney brought to the table when I felt anything but. I would give them more stars if I could.
Pete L.
I worked with Mark Alexander on my divorce. I hired him as my pro se attorney while doing most of the paperwork and legwork myself. His calm demeanor and knowledge about maneuvering the legal system and not allowing me to give up my rights and desires was invaluable. He was especially helpful guiding me through the online court system for submissions and locating progress reports. Mark was so professional and retained a personal touch throughout this painful journey.
Stacey R.
I'm an attorney, practicing in business law, estate planning and probate. When I got divorced, I thought it was important to obtain quality legal representation for two reasons. First, I do not practice family law. Second, I do not think it's wise for an attorney to represent herself. I know many family law attorneys in Seattle. I chose to work with Mike Fancher at Seattle Divorce Services. I received excellent representation, good customer service, and high quality legal advice. I highly recommend this firm.
Stephen W.
I just wrapped my divorce process and worked with Janel Ostrem at Seattle Divorce Services for it. I am incredibly pleased with the outcome, the representation I received, and the entire process along the way. We settled via mediation, and Janel was able to flex on both collaborative style and, when it was needed, being litigious. She was incredibly efficient, which was great in that it kept my costs down. Best, though, she was able to get me and keep me focused on the right 'bigger picture' issues, which at times was a challenge for me in getting caught up in the moment and the immediate issue or argument at hand. In the end, that was critical in getting me to a positive, cost-effective settlement. I highly recommend Janel and SDS and would be happy to share more of my experiences if it would be helpful to anyone evaluating and choosing a divorce lawyer.