Let a Compassionate Seattle Polyamory Lawyer Assist You with Your Family Law Matters

Even though our nation’s attitude towards alternative family structures has become increasingly progressive, those who pursue a polyamorous lifestyle still face numerous legal challenges when it comes to family matters, whether it is legal recognition or dissolution of their relationship, child custody matters, or other legal issues. Those who are in polyamorous relationships need someone who knows how to navigate the legal landscape to secure the protection they and their families need. At Seattle Divorce Services, we have years of experience in working at the forefront of LGBTQ+ rights in the family law setting. With that in mind, if you are in a polyamorous relationship and have questions, our polyamory attorney is prepared to help you get the answers you need.

The Challenges of Polyamorous Relationships in Washington

First and foremost, polyamorous relationships are not legally recognized under Washington law. While marriage rights in Washington state and across the country continue to develop, marriage is prohibited between two people where either one of them is married or living in a domestic partnership with another person.

While we expect greater legal protections for polyamorous relationships in the future, a Seattle polyamory attorney from our firm can help you deal with the current legal reality. Even if your relationship can’t be formally recognized, you may still have options for protecting your rights when it comes to children and the division of property. For example, you may want to consider a Property Agreement or Cohabitation Agreement in order to clarify the intent behind your living arrangement and clarify certain legal rights and obligations.

A Seattle Polyamory Attorney Who Offers Alternatives

Because the legal status of polyamorous relationships is unclear, it’s important to work with a polyamory lawyer who can offer solutions that go beyond traditional litigation or divorce when the relationship is dissolving. For example, a collaborative approach can help polyamorous families resolve their issues in a positive, non-adversarial manner. Mediation is another option when a neutral third party is needed to resolve disagreements. Our focus is always on results, both long-term and short-term so that you can rest assured that the direction you are headed in will lead to a brighter future.

Child Custody, Support, and Visitation Issues

Just like any other family, polyamorous families need to provide a safe and secure home for their children. Whether your children are from another relationship or were born into your current relationship, it is important to understand your options for ensuring the security of your children.  While Washington State doesn’t legally recognize polyamorous relationships, it does allow several other ways for parentage to be established. A Seattle polyamory attorney from our firm can discuss whether one of those options is right for you and guide you through the process. 

Whatever approach you choose, our polyamory attorneys can help you draft an agreement that clarifies you and your partner or partners’ responsibilities vis-a-vis your children so that you can rest assured that your children will be well-cared for.

Finally, we understand that former partners with whom you share children may object to your polyamorous relationship. Unfortunately, some people think this is a reason to cut off or limit your custodial or visitation rights. As seasoned litigators, we are fully prepared to defend your relationship with your children in court if necessary.

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