Considering a “Kitchen Table” Divorce in Washington? Here Are Some Things to Think About

Divorce isn’t always the adversarial process that people often assume it will be. In some cases, spouses can divorce with little or no assistance from an attorney, financial advisor, or other professional. And while this is a feasible option for many couples, it’s important first to ask yourself whether a “kitchen table” divorce is right for you. If you answer “yes,” be sure to enter the process fully aware of the potential pitfalls. A Seattle divorce lawyer from Seattle Divorce Services can help you understand your options and provide as much assistance as you might need. 

Is a Kitchen Table Divorce the Right Option for You?

Many couples attempt the divorce process solely because they don’t want to spend money on hiring a lawyer. Others think that it will be less stressful if they don’t get an attorney involved. While lawyers can be expensive and it can be difficult getting others involved in your private life, kitchen table divorces are not for everyone. Accordingly, this type of divorce may not be your best option in the following situations: 

Generally speaking, kitchen table divorces work best for couples who have a good handle on their financial affairs and are in general agreement concerning the major decisions regarding their separation. If you are feeling overwhelmed or are struggling to reach an agreement with your spouse, a lawyer at our firm can help you move forward. 

The Potential Pitfalls of a Kitchen Table Divorce

At Seattle Divorce Services, we have helped hundreds of couples through the divorce process. As a result, we see the potential issues that many couples don’t see – issues that could become significant problems later on. These issues can include the following: 

  • Tax implications – Divorce can have a profound effect on both your federal and state income taxes. While you may not be able to avoid some of these impacts, understanding and working to minimize them can make your post-divorce future easier. 
  • Failing to address important issues in the parenting plan – Details such as where and when the children will be picked up, what would be appropriate supervision, or what happens when a parent is unavailable to take their regular time should be discussed and resolved in advance when possible.   
  • Complications regarding the property division – Couples often agree on major assets such as the house or cars. Still, they may overlook other important assets or fail to account for who will be responsible for which debts. 

What may seem like minor issues now can become complicated situations later on. Our lawyers can help  you reach an agreement that incorporates all of the important elements you will need to face post-divorce. 

Considering a Kitchen Table Divorce? Speak with Seattle Divorce Services 

At Seattle Divorce Services, we understand that litigation isn’t always the best option. That’s why we provide a wide array of divorce services, such as collaborative divorce and mediation, customized to meet your specific needs and goals. To schedule a consultation with one of our divorce attorneys, contact us today at 206-784-3049 to learn more about how we can help.