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At Seattle Divorce Services we believe in resolving conflict rather than exacerbating it. We believe that our clients do not benefit from extended fighting, but rather are looking to find solutions to their divorce issues and move on with their lives. We serve clients throughout King County.

At our firm, your Seattle family lawyer will assist you in selecting the best process for your divorce and be by your side until the process is completed. Our focus is on your long term future, which means we look for solutions that will address not just your immediate needs, but will serve you down the road. When possible, we help clients work with each other to develop mutually satisfactory agreements, which tend to be far more durable and result in less trips back to court over time. The divorces services we offer include litigation, mediation, and collaboration.

Specific issues your Seattle divorce attorney can assist you with include:

  • Division of property and debt. This looks at both community and separate assets and liabilities.
  • Spousal maintenance (alimony). Often one spouse needs help regaining their independent financial stability.
  • Child support. Both parents have an obligation to provide for their children.
  • Parenting Plans (custody). Parenting need a long term plan as to how they are going to share in the parenting of their children.
  • Relocation. Learn how a move can fit in to your current parenting plan.
  • Visitation. Create a schedule that best fits the needs of your family.
  • Restraining orders. In abuse situations orders may be necessary to provide protection.
  • Parentage (paternity.) When parents are not married but have children together, a parentage action can establish their ongoing roles with regard to their children.
  • Separating assets for long term unmarried couples (committed intimate relationships). When couples have lived together long term and acquired joint assets and liabilities, they may need help separating.
  • Legal Separation. A couple may want to be legally separated rather than completely divorced for various reasons such as keeping a spouse on health insurance.
  • Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements. Couples may wish to make special arrangements as to property and debt either prior to marriage or even during marriage.

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