Divorce Options

What are My Options in Divorce?

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Traditional Representation: Your attorney represents you in negotiations and court. The attorneys try to settle based on what they believe the court would do at trial. This is a good option if you do not see you and your spouse working directly with each other.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): There are several other options for people who prefer to work out their own settlements without court involvement. Please note that while we cannot represent or give legal advice to both parties to a divorce, if you and your spouse would like to come in together just to find out more about the different ADR options, we would be glad to meet with you both for that purpose. These options include:

Collaboration: Some couples need help reducing their conflict and/or creating the best possible solutions. In Collaboration a professional divorce team assists you in managing conflict and analyzing your options. This is a good choice for couples who want to be sure they are making the best decisions they can, or have significant trouble working with each other on their own.

Mediation: Some couples have trouble getting to agreement on their own. A neutral Mediator can facilitate the discussion to find ways to move ahead successfully. The Mediator cannot give legal advice or prepare the final court documents. This is a good option for couples who need some guidance in how to get to resolution.

“Kitchen Table” Negotiations: You and your spouse work out your own agreements without outside help. Attorneys provide legal advice and court documents. This is an option for couples who are able to reach agreements on their own.

Which Divorce Option is Right For Me?