Traditional Representation

Traditional Representation refers to resolving matters in court and negotiating settlements based on what a court is likely to do. As your advocate our representation includes:

  • Advocacy for your rights and the best interests of your family to the court, opposing counsel, and other parties
  • Appearing in court as your legal counsel and representative
  • Seeking out and requesting all information needed to support your case
  • Negotiating on your behalf with the other side
  • Preparing all documents needed to secure temporary and final relief from the court or in settlement agreements
  • All other services necessary to protect and represent your interests in your family law action

An important part of the process is helping you define your goals and helping plan the process for working towards those goals. Defining your goals is not just a matter of finding out what results you hope for, but talking about what is realistic, what your priorities are, and what is best going to secure your future.

Advocacy is not only about going to court, but also involves negotiating outside of court. When a solution can be negotiated rather than imposed by the court, you have a great deal more control over the outcome, both in terms of making sure it is acceptable to you and in terms of fine tuning the details to fit your situation.