Innovative Approaches.
Reasonable Solutions.

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Innovative Approaches. Reasonable Solutions.

If you could choose, what would you want YOUR divorce to look like? Would you want:

  • More problem solving, less fighting?
  • To be heard and supported?
  • Dispute resolution options?
  • Resolutions tailored to your needs?
  • A clear plan for successful co-parenting?

At Seattle Divorce Services our divorce attorneys believe in taking a more sophisticated approach to resolving complex cases. We believe that creativity helps achieve outcomes that increase post-divorce satisfaction. We believe that skillful and compassionate negotiation gets us to resolution more cost effectively AND with better results. We believe that healthy family restructuring starts with preserving relationships to the extent possible.

Divorce CAN be efficient, respectful, and even amicable. Parents CAN work together for their children. We have seen how the right approach can turn a case around to obtain results our clients never thought possible.

When court action is needed, we work to manage conflict rather than create it because unnecessary legal brawling accomplishes very little while costing a great deal. As experienced divorce attorneys, we work to efficiently negotiate a positive result for you. We see trial as the last resort, not the first.

Your situation is unique and you need solutions tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. We believe that when we can reach carefully crafted negotiated agreements, the agreements will be more durable, you will be happier with the results, and your needs and the needs of your children will be better met. That is what we mean by "Reasonable Solutions".

The methods our attorneys employ to resolve disputes in divorces include Collaboration, Mediation, and Traditional Representation. When possible, we prefer the Collaborative approach, working with a professional team to address the emotional, financial, parenting, and legal needs of both parties and help the two of you develop creative solutions to tough issues. That is what we mean by "Innovative Approaches". You can read more on our Divorce Options pages, and your attorney can discuss these options with you in more detail.

Since your circumstances are unique, we offer a low cost consultation to help you better understand your options. If you would like to come in to talk about your divorce situation and how we might be able to help you, please give us a call at 206-784-3049. Linda at our front desk can help you schedule a time that works for you.

Our divorce lawyers are all skilled in various areas of divorce law including child support, parenting plans, complex financial settlements, and more. However, each attorney in our firm has a unique focus within divorce and family law. We encourage you to take a look at the attorney profiles to help you decide which of our lawyers might feel like the best fit for you. If you are unsure what to ask or how to look for the right divorce attorney, feel free to give us a call...there is no obligation.

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Seattle Divorce Services is located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Our mission is to improve the way Divorce Law is practiced in our community. Read more about our firm.