Seattle Divorce Services - Who are our Clients

Who Are Seattle Divorce Services Clients?

We work with a wide variety of clients; but many who find that we are a good fit for them are involved in a complex divorce with a significant amount of conflict, and want to find ways to reduce that conflict.

In other words, they are not able to reach agreements on their own, but also do not want to fight with their spouse.

We offer a variety of approaches for those clients. We can guide them through a Collaborative process, where they work through the various issues with the help of a professional team. We can help them mediate if they prefer to work without advisors present (we can act as either mediator or background attorney for one side).

We often work in fully litigated cases (cases with court proceedings). In litigated cases, our aim is to still find ways to reduce the conflict if possible; either when negotiating a resolution or presenting the issues to a court for decision.

Clients who are not a good fit for our firm are divorcing spouses who are spoiling for a fight.

If they are looking for revenge, if they are looking for the meanest, most aggressive attorney to sic on their spouse, or if they are looking to beat up on or punish their spouse in some way, then they will likely not be happy with us.

We are not interested in fighting for the sake of fighting. We will fight to defend our clients from attack and to obtain a reasonable result for them. But when we can lessen the fighting rather than escalate it, we believe our clients are better off.