Viking Days in Ballard

While this has nothing to do with law, I can’t help writing about one of our favorite Ballard institutions, the Nordic Heritage Museum. This weekend they are hosting the annual Viking Days festival!  More information about the festival is available on the My Ballard website, and at the museum’s website.

At the festival they will be selling Swedish meatballs, among other things. That always takes me back to the Swedish meatballs my mother used to make, and that are still a favorite in my household.  Even better with a little lingonberry preserve. I know my wife and son will visit the festival to sample the food and see the Viking Encampment. Unfortunately I will be out of town riding my bike to Vancouver on the annual RSVP event (Ride from Seattle to Vancouver and Party). Maybe they’ll at least save me some aebleskivers!

The museum is currently housed in an old elementary school that my sisters attended when they were young and it was still a school. In the next few years the museum hopes to build a new facility to expand into. It already is a fantastic museum, with lots more going on that just static display cases. I particularly like the room on the immigrant experience.

They also teach Scandinavian languages at the museum. My whole family has taken Swedish classes there, and my son enjoyed learning Swedish so much that he has continued to take Swedish at the university where he is now enrolled.