womens' soccer team

Seattle Divorce Services Supports Reign FC Women’s Soccer!

Seattle Divorce Services has renewed its partnership with the Reign FC for 2017, Seattle’s professional women’s soccer team!

SDS’s support of women’s soccer stems in part from the enthusiasm of our business manager for the sport. She has played recreational soccer league for many years. At age 58 she is still playing several times per week (we can only hope to keep up with her energy level).

We also support women’s soccer because we believe participating in sports helps women improve their health and overall well being. Women’s sports are too often overlooked and inadequately funded. By supporting the growth of women’s professional sports, we hope to help promote sports for all women.

We feel very lucky to have a great women’s soccer team like the Reign FC in Seattle. Having been involved with soccer for many years, we not only want to see the team flourish in Seattle for many years to come, but also to inspire young girls to become soccer players themselves. Heroes are important, and we see the Reign FC players as heroes for the next generation.

Reign players have displayed strong support for each other, on and off the field. The team as a whole gives back to the community in many ways. The team values of compassion, cooperation, and trust are values we try to incorporate into our work at Seattle Divorce Services every day.

We have enjoyed following the progress of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) and the Reign FC. Here in their 5th year, we are look forward to watching the Reign FC continue to play world class soccer under coach Laura Harvey. We are anticipating a thrilling 2017 season, and once again want to play our part in that.