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Seattle Divorce Services Contributes To New Collaborative Book

We are pleased to announce that our founding attorney Michael Fancher is a contributing author to a recently published American Bar Association book for Collaborative professionals titled “Building a Successful Collaborative Family Law Practice“.

Mike is a past IACP (International Academy of Collaborative Professionals) Board member and frequent speaker on Collaborative Divorce.

In July, John Lande wrote: “I was particularly pleased to see a chapter by Michael V. Fancher on avoiding and handling termination of collaborative cases….Mr. Fancher’s chapter provides excellent advice about this.”

The book itself was a collaborative effort, with chapters by many leading Collaborative Divorce practitioners. Our good friend Kevin Scudder and current IACP Board member is also a contributing author, as is our friend Nancy Retsinas in Vancouver, Washington.

Nancy wrote her own blog post about it: “The one workshop that changed everything for me. (Plus I’m in a book!)“.

Mike’s participation in this new book is reflective of our continuing commitment to growing Collaborative Divorce as a preferred method for handling divorce and other family law disputes outside of the the litigation system.

While Mike is focusing on firm management, our attorneys Janel Ostrem, Nathan Cliber, and Theresa Lorella offer Collaborative Divorce, and would be happy to discuss this dispute resolution option with potential clients wishing to avoid court proceedings.