Positive Co-Parenting

The traditional popular view of divorce assumes that after the divorce there is going to be a state of constant war between divorced parents. However, many couples have bucked that trend and found ways to work with each other cooperatively with co-parenting after divorce. When this happens, not only do the children benefit hugely, but life is much more pleasant for the parents as well.

In an article last fall, Tralee Pearce said in part:

The co-parenting field has blossomed in the past 10 years. More men are assuming joint custody after divorce and expect to be full-fledged parents. More couples are seeking out “collaborative law” practices to keep them out of nasty court disputes. And, in a society obsessed with ferreting out the latest thinking on good parenitng, the well-known negative effects of divorce are to be avoided at all costs.

“Children suffer when their parents are fighting and arguing,” says Brian Galbraith, a family lawyer in Barrie, Ont. “There’s a saying we use: Do you hate your ex more than you love your children? Because if the focus is on the children, parents can co-operate and make decisions together.”

In our office attorney Mimi Buescher’s focus is on divorces with children.  If you are interested she can mediate with you and you spouse, or she can assist you with a Collaborative divorce.