Nathan Cliber answers kids questions about divorce

Nathan Cliber Answers Kids’ Questions About Divorce

Recently attorney Nathan Cliber from our office was invited to participate in the “Kids Meet A …” video series. There have been many different topics covered in the series, from meeting a Japanese-American internment survivor, to meeting a 101 year old woman. In “Kids Meet A Divorce Lawyer”, kids get to ask Nathan questions about his job.

Nathan did a wonderful job interacting with various children who had both some insightful questions and interesting perspectives. On a serious note, there was significant interest in how parents share their children when they separate. On a lighter note was watching Nathan deal with one girl’s ideas about how a baby should be shared. I also liked hearing about the case with the couple arguing over a snake (I am NOT a snake person).

I would recommend this video to anyone who is starting a divorce and wonders what kinds of questions their children might have, and how to talk to them about those questions.

Watch Nathan’s video, then check out some of the other videos in the series!