Being Heard

As divorce attorneys, part of our job is helping your voice be heard. We need to make sure your concerns are heard by the court, by the other side, and by anyone else who may become involved in the case such as parenting evaluators, mediators, or expert witnesses. This doesn’t mean just repeating what you have told us, but it does mean the arguments and proposals we make on your behalf should be informed by what we know about you, your specific needs, and your point of view.

This means we need to spend time listening to you. If we are not hearing you, we can’t advocate for your concerns. If at any time you feel like you are not being heard, let your lawyer know – because it is very important that your lawyer be on the same page with you to represent you effectively. Ultimately, the right settlement for you is not what the right settlement was for our last client, nor is it what we think the right settlement should be. Rather, it is what best helps you accomplish your goals, meet your needs, and address your concerns.

Part of listening to you is also responding to you, reflecting back what we are hearing so you know whether we “get” it, letting you know what is realistic or unrealistic, and advising you on your options. Sometimes what you want is something we are unlikely to be able to get for you. Sometimes we may have ideas to share with you that you may not have considered; and sometimes there may be different ways of accomplishing your goal that we need to discuss.