FasTrack Divorce™

We have begun offering a new option for resolving cases through a streamlined hybrid method designed to keep costs down. This method was developed by two Seattle area Collaborative attorneys, Virginia Goldberg and Peggy Hoban. From the FasTrack Divorce™ press release:

Two local family law attorneys have synthesized their combined years of experience in litigation, mediation, and collaborative law to create the FasTrack Divorce™; a fast and final divorce option with a predictable fee structure.
In a FasTrack divorce, both spouses agree to use attorneys who will charge the same hourly rate, with the goal of keeping the total billable time to between 20 and 25 hours. The parties will exchange financial and other relevant information through standardized forms, and the case proceeds rapidly into mediation. If the parties are unable to resolve all disputes in mediation, the case will be finalized through binding arbitration. The case can be concluded within 100 days, if both parties follow the recommended schedule.
Many prominent Seattle and Eastside attorneys have agreed to take cases following the FasTrack method and highly qualified mediators, including a retired King County Commissioner, are available to assist in mediation and arbitration. For the first time, attorneys are able to offer their clients a private and expedited divorce process with a cost-structure that is predictable and contained.
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