Mackenzie and Jeff Bezos Divorce - how will it work?

Bezos Divorce Has Phone Ringing

Since the Bezos divorce was announced, we have been fielding calls from reporters asking how a divorce like this might play out. Two articles we have been quoted in have already (as of 1/10/19) appeared in Geekwire and Vice magazines.

Based on the statement issued by the Bezos’s jointly, it appears they are working together to hash out a settlement rather than taking it to court. We applaud that approach – no matter how much money is involved, we believe a couple is much better off coming up with solutions that fit their circumstances rather than looking to a court to make those important decisions for them.

While we do not know what method the Bezos’s are using to work through their settlement, for other couples wishing to work cooperatively to resolve their divorce issues, we offer Collaborative Divorce services, a team supported approach to divorce conflict resolution.

Having strong professional support can make a huge difference in getting through discussions and decision making points that the couple might not be able to manage on their own.

Many of the questions we are being asked about the Bezos divorce have to do with how Washington community property laws affect a divorce of this size. In my next post I expect to talk more about that.


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