Scales of Justice and Handshake - Better Divorce Litigation

Better Divorce Litigation

At Seattle Divorce Services, it has always been a goal to find ways to do things better.

That includes our bread and butter – divorce litigation. What does ‘better divorce litigation’ mean? How can we strive for improvement?

Better litigation means tailoring the approach to fit the case, NOT shoehorning every case into a one-size-fits-all approach. It means in each case doing what we believe will be most effective given the personalities and the circumstances. It also means being willing to try different things to find what works best.

Sometimes the best thing is to let a judge decide. When there has been domestic violence, substance abuse, or the other side is simply not willing to be reasonable, then we may need to go to court to have some decisions made.

Other times there is room for some joint problem-solving. We can engage the opposing counsel in discussion; not just to make demands back and forth, but to explain your concerns, really listen to theirs, and invite creative ideas.

In some cases, we may even suggest upfront that we explore taking a non-litigation collaborative approach, where both parties work with a professional team to help them develop their own solutions.

In every case, the goal is to find the approach that will produce the best outcomes for our clients.