Kitchen Table Negotiations

Kitchen Table Negotiations refers to you and your spouse/partner sitting down together to work out your own divorce settlement by yourselves. However, each of you may still want to have an attorney you can talk to for legal advice and to prepare the legal documents incorporating the agreements you come to. One attorney cannot represent both spouses, but we can work with one spouse to prepare the documents based on the agreement that was reached, and then we recommend that the other spouse have the papers we prepared reviewed by an outside attorney.

We are happy to assist you in whatever way you need, and if you find that you need further help such as mediation, financial consulting, the advice of a parenting specialist, or an attorney for the other spouse, we can you provide you with the names of people we recommend.

Kitchen table negotiations can be a good fit for couples who really want to come up with their own solutions, who are confident in their ability to speak for themselves and make their own decisions, and who do not feel the need to have the assistance of lawyers at the negotiating table.