Mike Fancher

Michael V. Fancher

Managing Attorney

“Mike is a class act. He understood my goals and was objective. During a difficult time, he was supportive, yet provided excellent counsel. Divorce is never easy, but with Mike on my team, it went smoothly and as predicted. Thanks Mike!”
– Jon

I am the managing attorney and general go-to guy for anything that is needed around Seattle Divorce Services. I am no longer accepting new clients, so that I can focus instead on firm administration.

As such, I would really like to hear from you if you have any positive or negative comments about the services you receive from us. If anything is not to your satisfaction, please let me know so that I can address it; and if you were thrilled with the job we are doing, I would love to know that as well!

My philosophy emphasizes nonlitigation approaches to dispute resolution. I like to see clients find ways to resolve their issues cooperatively. This means shifting the focus to allow mutual creation of solutions that work for both parties. I believe that too many lawyers create conflict, when our job should be to resolve conflict.

I am a strong supporter of collaborative divorce. Collaboration offers a different way for the two attorneys to interact with each other and their clients that is very different from the traditional adversarial model. Collaboration involves a team approach to resolving cases based on interests rather than power. I believe that the collaborative approach helps you discover the best solutions. The collaborative team will work to help both of you plan the financial future that best meets your needs and goals, and to help you develop a plan to effectively co-parent your children.

Interestingly, the collaborative approach is not just for amicable couples. It is actually a highly effective method for reducing conflict. However, a collaborative approach is not right for every client. You need to be genuinely interested in finding solutions that work for your spouse as well as for you, and you must be committed to working through the process with your spouse. Of course, your professional team will be there to support you through every step.

One benefit of resolving things outside of court is preserving relationships. A therapist I know put it very well when she said that in a divorce, we end the relationship of husband and wife, but the relationships of father, mother, and children continue. We need to protect those relationships to the extent possible when the family is no longer going to be living together. Even when no children are involved, many people want to end their marriage in a reasonable and adult way that will allow them to look back on their divorce as a time of positive growth.

If you would like to read more about alternative dispute resolution processes such as collaboration and mediation, read our Q&A and past articles.

You can contact Mike directly at mike@seattledivorceservices.com.

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Michael V. Fancher received his education from Harvard University, the University of Washington, and Hastings College of the Law. He has been practicing family law in the Seattle area since 1988. Mike served on the Board of Directors of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals from 2013 to 2016. He was the 2011-2012 president of the Collaborative Professionals of Washington, and served as the 2008-2010 president of King County Collaborative Law. Mike is a past chair of the Lawyer Referral and the Neighborhood Legal Clinic committees of the King County Bar Association. He has been a speaker at numerous public forums on family law and continuing legal education seminars for attorneys.