“I was going through a very difficult child custody and domestic violence case. Throughout the entire process, Kim was amazing! She kept me in the loop of everything going on, including her thoughts on different scenarios. Kim managed to get the best outcome possible to keep my children and myself safe after almost a full week a trial. When I needed Kim again, she jumped right in and helped me with that situation. Kim has a way to make you feel calm during a very stressful time. If I ever need help again in the future, Kim is the one I will be calling. She is wonderful!”

Divorce is not easy, and involves many difficult decisions. As your attorney, my role is to be there for you, to help you be heard, to provide the legal expertise you need, and to help you gather the information you need to make the best decisions. I take the time to listen carefully so I understand your specific life circumstances and goals and can offer advice tailored specifically to you.

My particular focus is on helping my clients achieve safety for themselves and their children. I work with victims of domestic violence to help them move on to a new and better life. Together we fight for parenting plan arrangements that protect your children and create a better future for them. This may also involve sorting out complex financial situations to help achieve more stability in your life.

I see myself as your partner in the divorce process. In our first meeting I want to get a sense of who you are and what assistance you need from me. Often that assistance will involve helping to educate you on the legal process and your options so you can make informed choices. In court or negotiations I will advocate strongly on your behalf so that your story is heard and understood.

You can contact Kimberly directly at kim@seattledivorceservices.com.

Kimberly Loges received her undergraduate degree from Washington State University, an M.S. from the University of Idaho, and her law degree from the University of Nevada. Kim worked as an Economics Adjunct Professor at Boise State University before going into law, and most recently practiced family law at Loges Law, PLCC in Seattle before joining Seattle Divorce Services. Kim has also volunteered with the KCBA-NJP Cross-Cultural Family Law Clinic and the KCBA Neighborhood Legal Clinic.