Alana Brown

Stop Fighting, Start Living

“Alana Brown is an excellent lawyer with a compassionate heart. She was very professional in the handling of my divorce. She explained the process to me step by step, always keeping me promptly informed throughout the case. Without her legal expertise this process could have been much messier than it needed to be. I was very impressed with her and would recommend her highly to anyone. Five star!”
– Megan

Divorce affects your life both legally and emotionally. As your attorney, I work to support you in moving forward into the next phase of your life. I take the time to listen carefully so I understand your specific life circumstances and goals and be there for you throughout the divorce process. I believe in conscious uncoupling, the intentional completion of a relationship that has served its purpose and come to an end, while preparing for a future as the best version of yourself.

Depending on your case, we may be able to resolve your divorce without ever having to appear in court. When it comes to you and your family, staying out of court is often the best thing you can do. Not only is the court process traumatic for many, but the resulting order may not be the best fit for your unique circumstances. My negotiation training focuses on a solution-oriented approach to the problems at hand. When children are involved, my goal is to minimize conflict as much as possible so that you and your children can thrive. If you want to stop fighting and start living, negotiation and mediation can provide a path forward.

Yet some circumstances do require court appearances such as hearings or trial. If your case requires in Court representation, such as motion hearings or trial, I will strongly advocate on your behalf so that your story is heard and understood by the Judge. I will prepare you beforehand as to possible outcomes and strategy so you can make informed choices.

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Alana graduated Magnum Cum Laude from Eastern Washington University, and then attended law school at the University of Montana. Before joining us at Seattle Divorce Services, she managed her own firm, Brown Legal PLLC, in Spokane, Washington.